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Lawyer Antonio Cutti

Lawyer Antonio Cutti – Next of Kin Scam

Is Lawyer Antonio Cutti real?  If you are doing research to inquire whether or not Lawyer Antonio Cutti is real, then likely you received an e-mail much like I did. This law office encourages you to see the smoke and run in the opposite direction.  In other words, the e-mail you received from Lawyer Antonio Cutti is […]

Edit Your Will in Minnesota

Edit Your Will in Minnesota – But really, you shouldn’t

Are you looking to edit your will in Minnesota?  First, let’s acknowledge having a Will in Minnesota is better than no will.  That being said, there are significant risks when you want to edit your will in Minnesota. Why do you wan to edit your will in Minnesota? If you need to edit your will in […]

Power of Attorney in Minnesota

Power of Attorney in Minnesota – Don’t Do This…

What is a Power of Attorney in Minnesota?  A power of attorney in Minnesota depends on the powers granted.  For this reason, please consider the following: What is a financial power of attorney in Minnesota? A financial power of attorney is a legal document which allows the drafter (commonly known as the “principal”) to name […]

Work Comp Benefits in Minnesota

Work Comp Benefits in Minnesota – 4 easy categories!

There are four types of work comp benefits in Minnesota.  They include: 1.  Wage Loss 2.  Rehabilitation 3.  Disability 4.  Medical. That said, if everybody was as happy as the couple in the picture to your right, then these benefits would always be paid by your former employer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, which is […]

Unemployment for the First Time in Minnesota

Unemployment for the First Time in Minnesota

Are you filing for unemployment for the first time in Minnesota?  Good!  Really, this is a process you do not want to engage on a regular basis. On the other hand, do not be discouraged or frightened by the process for seeking benefits. Instead, look at it this way – you are doing the right […]

Unemployment Seasonal Employees

Unemployment Seasonal Employees

Recently, Minnesota rendered a decision about unemployment seasonal employees.  In a case called McNeilly v. Dept. of Employment, 778 N.W. 2d 707, a Seasonal Employee was laid off for lack of work and deemed ineligible for unemployment benefits. Although this case was decided in favor of the employer, it is important to note that the […]

Unemployment Revenue Recapture for Minnesota

Unemployment Revenue Recapture for Minnesota – Say What?

Unemployment revenue recapture for Minnesota is a somewhat of a new process.  Generally, you will receive notice by mail that the unemployment office in Minnesota is using help from the Department of Revenue to collect an unemployment overpayment. In other words, the unemployment office is trying to use your tax return to collect moneymfrom you […]

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

Minnesota Unemployment Laws

You are right, there are a lot of Minnesota Unemployment laws that impact your rights, an appeal, and how you go about collecting unemployment. That said, this law office focuses on these rules and can help you figure out what likely feels overwhelming. Where can you find Minnesota Unemployment Laws? Minnesota unemployment laws are provided […]